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Doing more for your business; doing more for your clients

With the UK housing market still in turmoil it is as important as ever to offer a diverse range of services to your clients. We have heard this repeated many times from our MortgageKeeper users.

Enter AssuranceKeeper: A powerful, yet simple tool that allows you to bring insurance quotes to your mortgage clients, within your MortgageKeeper system and benefit from enhanced commission rates.

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AssuranceKeeper in Brief
  • Easily obtain highly competitive life, life with CIC and PHI quotes for you clients
  • View quote details and illustrations easily and quickly from within your MortgageKeeper case
  • Receive quotations automatically based on key details on the MortgageKeeper case
  • Fine-tune your quotes to exactly match your client's requirements
  • Improve your compliance records by retaining quotations and comparison documents
  • Benefit from our highly competitive commission rates
  • Apply for policies in just a few clicks, with details prepopulated

Automatic Quoting Using System Generated Quotes

AssuranceKeeper automatically produces quotes and comparisons for:

  • Life cover (both LTA and DTA for a single or joint application)
  • Life with CIC cover (both LTA and DTA for a single or joint application)
  • PHI cover for each applicant

These quotations are then held together on the case for easy review and fine-tuning.

The Flexibility To Fine-Tune Quoting

Our powerful "Adviser Quotes" give you the freedom to adjust quoting requirements so you fine-tune the sum assured, the term or any of the many other parameters.

These ad-hoc quotes mean you can explore different scenarios quickly and easily allowing you to give your client all the options they need.

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